Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.
Ephesians 4:23

Consider using some time during a spring retreat to plan ways to share the light of Jesus with your church community.

Appeal to women of all ages from all walks of life. Whether frazzled and busy with parenthood or career or in a spiritual lull, longing for renewal, when they attend this retreat, women will be invited to take time, step back, and put things in perspective once again. The activities and lessons will . . .

help them see the need for Christ in their daily life

reassure them of God’s love and forgiveness for them through Jesus

provide time for them to rest in that love and forgiveness, and

give them ways to move forward after the retreat with new, specific plans for regular renewal and refreshment in God’s Word and with His people

Participant WORKBOOK

Make your next retreat a refreshing breeze with our thoughtful Participant's Retreat Set. The accompanying Participant workbook is filled with everything the women attending will need to experience a faith-filled retreat workbook.

• Lesson Content
• Space for Reflection
• Thought-provoking activities
• A bonus follow-up section to continue the devotional experience at home.

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Renew. Restore. Refresh. Salon Style Emery Board 3-Pack
Renew. Restore. Refresh. Salon Style Emery Board 3-Pack
Renew. Restore. Refresh. Salon Style Emery Board 3-Pack

Renew. Restore. Refresh. Salon Style Emery Board 3-Pack

Silicone Bracelet - Renew. Restore. Refresh.
Silicone Bracelet - Renew. Restore. Refresh.
Silicone Bracelet - Renew. Restore. Refresh.

Silicone Bracelet - Renew. Restore. Refresh.



We did a virtual retreat with Renew Restore Refresh yesterday. There were 47 who read during the week and 30 on Zoom. The book was so appropriate for the struggles we are all going through at this time. Our retreat was a huge success.

Leader's Guide


I bought these mugs as gifts for my annual women's convention and they were a big hit. My theme for this convention and the mugs inscription of renew, restore, refresh fell right in line. Thank you.

Ceramic mug & gift box


We purchased this cute gift for our Ladies Getaway this year! We enjoy giving our ladies little love gifts as they pick up their name badges for the event! We have used many, many things from CTA. Never disappointed.

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FREE Resources

Women's Ministry resource pack based on CTA's product line, Renew. Restore. Refresh.

Resource Pack Includes:

• Theme Art
• Bulletin Cover
• Cupcake Toppers
• Flyer
• Name Badges
• Invitation
• Note Card
• Table Tents
• Water Bottle Label
• Powerpoint
• Ministry Message

FREE Resources


One of the consistent issues COVID-19 has caused is a feeling of isolation. This isolation has created a deep longing for community and connection. The church can step into this void and foster connection within the larger community in which you serve.

One of the best ways to foster community within your women’s ministry is through a retreat. Why? Because spending extended time together will allow women to share stories. It will create a setting that encourages candid conversations about the things that really matter. A retreat offers the possibility to form new and lasting friendships—relationships that will continue long after the retreat comes to an end.

How can your retreat most effectively build community? It’s important to provide a safe environment, keeping social distancing requirements in mind while planning your space and layout. Here are some additional ideas to consider:

Provide name tags. Being addressed by name fosters the feeling: I belong!
Plan to seat retreat participants in circles. Making eye contact and seeing facial expressions promote camaraderie.
Plan icebreakers geared to identify specific interests or hobbies. Try open-ended sentences that can be quickly answered by each participant, like “My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is . . .”
Allow plenty of time for both group and casual discussions—creating the beginnings of community.
Do all you can to ensure an emotionally safe place where confidentiality is respected. Remind women about confidentiality often.

Above all else, pray for greater community among your women and the wonderful gift of belonging.

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