Wake Up – It's Easter

He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead! Luke 24:6

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Each year nature wakes up in the spring. Animals are born, grass turns green, flowers shoot up out of the ground, trees that look dead begin to sprout leaves and new growth. These signs of nature waking up are a great reminder that Jesus defeated death to give us new life at Easter.

When Jesus died and rose again, becoming the forever sacrifice for our sins, he became our Savior. Because Jesus lives, we have a new life too. His sacrifice ensures we’ll be able to spend eternity in Heaven!

This resource will save you time and stress when you're planning. It's loaded with planning tips, games, snack ideas, a Bible time devotion, and more!

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Plastic Tumbler - Wake Up it's Easter
Plastic Tumbler - Wake Up it's Easter

Plastic Tumbler - Wake Up it's Easter


A Small Craft Idea to Try

Make a happy cross

The cross is a symbol that reminds us that Jesus died—and rose again!—for us. Make this the happiest cross you have ever seen! Draw a cross outline and divide it into 4 areas. Then use the following code to fill in the cross:

Color part 1 with stripes.
Color part 2 with polka dots.
Color part 3 with zig-zags.
Color part 4 with hearts. 

Easter means our lives are full of life and joy!

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