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Pocket Piece - It Is Finished



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With one simple statement, Jesus declared his final victory over sin and death: “It is finished” (John 19:30 KJV). In that moment, it was hard to understand. But now, as you prepare for Easter, you can lead worshipers to see the unfathomable significance of this statement.

This pocket piece is a simple way to remind believers of what happened at the cross—Jesus dismantled the power of every evil force that works against God. He shamed every attempt to unseat God. He triumphed as a warrior over every enemy that seeks to destroy us!

This pocket piece measures 1" in diameter and features the words John 19:30. The design elements are slightly raised to give the piece texture and visual interest.

Hand out this pocket piece as part of your Holy Week Experience, as a send-home gift after Holy Week services, or as a gift in visitor bags during the weeks leading up to Easter.