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Romans Road to Heaven Silicone Bracelet & Bookmark(KJV)



Product Details

Romans Road to Heaven gray silicone bracelet is stamped (for permanence) with a stone road and Bible references from Romans. Stamped on the inside of the bracelet is 'The Romans Road to Heaven and Bible verse Romans 6:23, The gift of God is eternal life. One size fits most.

Also included is a jumbo laminated bookmark which features 5 key Scriptures (KJV) from the Book of Romans that lead you to the path of salvation. These verses explain concisely that all men are sinners, Christ died for our sins, the gift of God is eternal life, confess that Jesus is Lord, call on the name of God and be saved. An affordable outreach tool!

Product Specifications: Bracelet is 7" x 1/2" and one size fits most. Bookmark is laminated and is 2-1/2" x 6-1/2".