CTA hires, develops and rewards passionate, high performing team players that are specifically skilled and gifted for their respective roles. We encourage a climate of integrity, respect, and open communication in which employees feel valued for their contributions. We believe work can and should be fun and that all our customers (both internal and external) deserve the best customer service available.

While it may sound cliché, we truly are like one big family! Here's what our employees have to say about working at CTA -

I like being a CTA employee because of the great work environment. What a difference it makes to work with people who seek to glorify God in all they do and show His love and His light in tangible ways! At CTA, we have GREAT customers! It is a blessing to partner with them to make a difference for the kingdom of God. ~ Mary G., CSR

The best thing about working at CTA is definitely the people I work with! WE are a group of Employee Owners who share the same mind set; we are passionate about ministry and sharing His message! It’s truly a unique work experience and I love it! ~ Karen T., E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator

CTA discovers and uses people’s gifts and talents to the max; you’re encouraged to try new things and grow your current skills. It’s challenging – and rewarding!
The work we do from day to day truly matters. No matter what role you fill or what tasks you do, it all contributes in some way to sharing the Good News of Jesus’ love and forgiveness.
CTA promotes a culture of excellence. Everything we do, down to the way our items will look when customers open the box, receives careful thought. It makes me proud to work here.
~ Jane F., Editorial Specialist

Why I love working at CTA:

  • CTA appreciates me!
  • I feel valued and supported personally and in all aspects of my job.
  • My co-workers are always ready to help!
  • The camaraderie among departments is uplifting and inviting! It allows me to confidently suggest new, innovative ideas and being a newer employee, I can really attest to this.
  • Laughter is a frequent sound at CTA. It reflects our friendship, teamwork, and passion for doing God’s work.
  • ~ Lauren L., Circulation Specialist